Xcode Tutorial: How to make your first 3.0 iPhone/iPod app!

To download the SDK go to: http://developer.apple.com/iphone/ You have to make a apple account to download. You have to register to the iPhone Developer team



Mohammad Fariz says:

Hello! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about iPhonezilax Secrets (just google it), but Im not sure if it is good. Have you considered this step by step guide called iPhonezilax Secrets? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my cooworker get his first iphone apps made without any programming experience at all with it, but he refuses to tell me: (

cuzcatlanochenta says:

what is the name of the sofware u are using to make this video? windows movie maker?????

Matt Morris says:

speak up you twelvie

DoubleSnapProduction says:

no, xCode is fee on the app along with iOS Simulator, which comes with xCode.

SuperTuinhuisje says:

@Soledadcaballero sent me an e-mail on [email protected], and tell me what kind of app you wanna make, i look gorward to help you!!

SuperTuinhuisje says:

@chase Burleson, I wouldnt advice you to build application Games on xCode , im a website and app developer and i am busy with around 8 different project, that means one of them is a game and the other just something like a chat application, i try to use xcode as much as possible because its a very large programm with lots of possibities, but altough i build my designs just on adobe, and if im making a game i go search for a specific program that is specialised on coding games,

MrLucky78 says:


Chase Burleson says:

How would you build a game? Like Temple Run.

Harry Kilsby says:

do u have to pay for anything

Harry Kilsby says:

the register link dosnt work for me 

Harry Kilsby says:

im gonna do this soon can you do this on mountain lion 10.8.2?

wowgeargamesplay says:

THanks =)

soledadcaballero says:

I would like to make my own app but I need some help pls.. Can we email? [email protected]

vipshaweb says:

Very clear explanation, you should put up more tutorial mate. You are a good teacher!

steve smith says:

Xcode is for mac only I think it also works on Linux, Im not sure what is available for windows

dom16029 says:

do you need a mac or a certain set of programms?:)

Asif Shahzad says:

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frankytap says:

does it work on osx 10.6.8 ?

HelpsMinecraft says:

Fuck no!

Fred Jones says:

becuse she sucks

Fred Jones says:

cant understand you. plus you are running a older verison of Xcode. Dont waste your time

PantonProductions says:

how come there are so many dislikes? (genuine question)

itsarealpickle says:

Look at the link. Read only the big letters. LMFAO

tomhudy says:

So I could get a virtual mac for the day on like my comp?

XCodeClub says:

You dont have to buy a Mac, you can rent a virtual machine with Mac and Xcode.
Ask me how exactly

LPLinuZ says:

It clearly says xCode in the title Maybe you should check the title first :)

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